Ananke IOT platform provides customizable components which are essential in developing a huge IOT platform. This ensures that you implement your ideas without worrying about all the technical complexity lies underneath.

API Manager

Manage all your APIs supporting HTTP,MQTT,UDP and TCP Protocols

Data Layer

Optimized from big data applications and interfaces with the business logic.

Analytics Layer

Packs a spectrum of data analysis techniques including SVM and Regression

Representation Layer

Formats your data to be compatible with different data visualization tools

Integration Libraries

Bridge Ananke and your business. Supports many popular computer languages.

App Networking

Cross connect your apps with Ananke app networking module.

Our Services

We provide flexible,scalable software solutions and consultancies with Ananke IOT platform. Ananke guarantees maximum information security,performance and easy integration at any time.

Management Information Systems

have a better insight into your factory's operations

Market Research Platform


eCommerce Applications

Secure online transaction management.

Medical Profiling Solutions

Pattern recognition in data, trend analysis

Mobile Tracking Solutions

Realtime monitoring of mobile devices with GPS & LBS

IOT Hardware Desings

Remote sensing solutions as the basis of IOT applications.

Our Specialities

Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is an in-house software and hardware engineering company, expertised in both software and hardware. We deliver cutting edge IOT based solutions expanding from standard physical layer to the application layer making space for boudless innovations..

Ananke IOT Platform

Ananke IOT platform and architecture are in the heart of our software and hardware solutions. This platform is developed to address common difficulties with classical IOT application development such as information security, handling heavy data uploads, analysing big data and providing unified communication protocol. Also it provides easy integration to your business logic implementation through our bridging libraries developed for PHP,Java,Python and Javascript.

Software Solutions

We provide a wide spectrum of software solutions focused on monitoring and analysis. This includes Management Information Systems, Tracking Solutions, Health Profileing Systems .. etc. We can integrate the customized business logic to our IOT platform which ultimately ensures reliability and security.

Research and Development

Effective Solutions is currently focusing on implementing a gold standard for IOT architectures. Currently we are researching on a general data layer implementation which is aligned with communication and data analysis needs in IOT.

Our Philosophy

IOT is going to be the biggest trend in the coming decade. Millions of new devices are connected to the internet every day and the every person is getting more and more connected to this growing information stream. This growing network carries valuable information but still it is very challenging to make a real use of it. There should be a more general scheme of handling the raw data gathered and derive meaningful information out of this.

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